This Thursday the 2nd day of Google IO 2011 new Android Market app for Android phones was displayed for the first time.The new android market app UI focuses on enhancing app discovery, app promotions, and make the information about apps easily accessible.

Seeing these picture you will realize that the new UI is more attractive and eye catching with better graphics and colors. We will have more categories in android market to browse and we will be able to sort Top free apps and Top paid apps, now this surely will make search easier and effective. It will also include a curated Editor’s Choice list, containing the apps that Google thinks are good enough to remain in the lime light.

The related apps section will be broken up into two lists alongside the current app, apps that people tend to view and apps then people tend to install.There’s also going to be a new Developer Spotlight so the devs can have there apps  as featured .
Check out the pictures of the new android Market for better understanding of the new user interface.

[via : intomobile ]