This post is especially for the ROM developers. Being a ROM developer you must post your work in the ROM manager. Posting your work in the ROM developer helps reaching your work to the users easily.

ClockworkMod’s announcement of ROM Share revealed that it’s easier and better to put your work in ROM manager. The problem was hosting ROM-sized files, the paid hosting is costly and all of us know the unsatisfactory performance of free hosting. This problem has been solved by Kouch in a single shot.

Using your existing Google account, simply sign into ROM Share and upload your files, then use the developer page to have your ROM Manager listing. All you have to do is to supply the flashable zip files,  the rest of the hard work of scripting and listing is done by ClockWorkMod. This is a real simple and easier way to share your work. So ROM developers! Make the most of it

Source: Rom Share website link