PayPal’s Android application has been more than useful for us. Now Paypal has announced the new version of the Android app which adds couple of new interesting features.The new app enables the users to transfer the check straight into the PayPal account using your phone. All you have to do is to scan the checks and add them directly to PayPal.

I once happened to use this useful app on iPhone, as it was first introduced on iPhone back in October 2010 and it proved very successful for PayPal. Paypal also revealed on their blog

On average, about a million dollars per month have been uploaded since we launched mobile check capture on the iPhone.

The new app also enable support for “Move to SD card”  and use the “local” feature to find nearby business that accept PayPal as payment.Paypal also told

We’re listening to all of your comments and are always working to get all iPhone features added to Android, along with some top-secret Android-only features, bug fixes, top customer requests and more.

This suggest that the app will have something more than the iphone app. So hit the android market link and let us know what are the Android-only features ?

[ Download Android Market Link ]

[Via PayPal ]