It has been updated on the Facebook page of Settlers of Catan that they would be launching an  official Android version of the game by June this year. For those who don’t know what settler of Catan is, its a very famous multiplayer board game not only available for PC but also for Xbox, iPhone, other cell phones, Nintendo DS, and Sony PlayStation3 and there is a huge fan following of settler Catan. The news page of the settler of Catan site revealed

We’re busy putting the finishing touches to Catan for Android. Among other things we’ve further optimized the UI and menus based on tester feedback.

The final testing phase of different devices is going on and we should be able to get this game for android by june, however the firm release date has not been given as of yet. Their is no info as to the price of the game ? we’ll have to wait and see it would be a paid or a free app. I just checked it on Apple App store and found it to be a paid one for $4.99, so there are very less chances of getting it for free for android.

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