Digitimes has claimed that Acer is set to launch its new 10-inch Tablet that will be running on Android 3.0 (honey comb) in July. The Tablet will be powered by 1.5GHz Intel’s processor, the Atom Z670 Oak Trail. Digitimes also claimed that the device is already under mass production and Intel has been persuading its downstream partners to launch tablet PCs based on the Intel/Android platform.

Acer was also quick to launch its first android base net-book in 2009 so launching. The tablet is expected to have 1080p video support, HDMI,longer battery life, enhanced video playback and aster Internet browsing at the same price.

In addition to Acer’s 10-inch Oak Trail Android tablet , Acer is also considering the combination of Oak Trail with MeeGo.

[via digitimes ]