The biggest problem of Motorola Atri 4G was resolved last month through the 4.1.83 update for the Atrix 4G on AT&T. The new  update was a two way sword, it fixed some bugs but it also created some problems like the inability to access some banking apps such as the “Bank of America” and the “Chase” ones.

Today Motorola has  released an application called the “Atrix Certificate Update” to remedy the issue

An issue was discovered with the roll-out of 4.1.83 Atrix 4G software that caused some mobile banking applications to no longer work.
If you are using a mobile banking application that no longer allows you to login, this application may be able to help..

You can download the software fix from the android market here


1. To update the certificate, open the installed application from application menu and follow the prompts
2. After updating the certificate, the phone HAS to be rebooted to make the new certificate work.
3. User can revert the change by re-launching this app again.
4. This app only works for Atrix with version 4.1.83.

[ via droidmasters ]