We first heard of the Samsung Exhibit when T-Mobile’s roadmap was leaked a while ago, however it looks like we are now getting more info on it and also a new phone called the Samsung Gravity Smart.

The Exhibit 4G appears to be running Gingerbread, with a 1GHz processor under the hood, and most likely TouchWiz, which gives it access to Samsung’s Media Hub. No word on the screen size, but the leaked announcement above seems to think it’s amazing. My best guess is a Super AMOLED Plus display, like that found on the Galaxy S II.The Gravity Smart is a somewhat less impressive entry-level QWERTY Android device. It’ll be packing Froyo, and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Not much else is known about the Gravity Smart, but it’s not a powerhouse device like the Sensation 4G or Hercules, so we don’t expect it to get too much attention once it drops.

Right now it seems that the release date for this is 22 June however we do how know fully as it does not comply with the release date of June 8th on the T-Mobile roadmap.