If you love visiting great places and also want to be able to track where you went and even share where you went, then Follow Me is the app for you.

Follow Me Allows You To:

  • Create a track of your adventures
  • Attach photos, videos, and messages to your track
  • Share your entire track & pictures via Facebook as an album
  • Share a single pin with associated pictures and description via Facebook
  • Share single pictures via Facebook, Twitter, email, MMS, and more…
  • Share your track with pictures & descriptions via email for display in Google Earth
  • No registration or account setup necessary – download & go!
  • Nothing is sent to SOLIDFX. You control all your track info and how you wish to share it
  • Track statistics are available including distance, time, speed, altitude, etc…

So if you like to track and share were you went then get Follow Me Here