Although everyone is planning to go 4G LTE there are still some problems with the devices on the platform, one of the problems seems to be Battery Life however it looks like Motorola want to fix that with there new Droid Bionic.

As you can see from the pic below it shows the battery life at 60%, which is after 15 hours of moderate use running 3G.


As you can see from the next picture it has dropped down to 50% however it has been on 4G with moderate use for 4 hours altogether the phone has been on for 19 hours!

Lastly this picture shows only 15% of battery remaining and it took 6 hours to get to this point, so altogther the phone has been on for 25 hours and has gone through some moderate us.

Over all the battery seems to be great however you might want to wait until its been released and tested with a large amount of use so we can see whether the battery really is as great as it looks.