Analyzing the spotvite, one could find that it is a spectacular Android application, which is used to promote social networking from the cell phone.  Connecting people from the local neighborhood is one of the sole purposes of the application. Therefore, it is important to use it judiciously and competently to get the best results.

Ease of Communication

By creating new groups of friends, it is easier to communicate, so that people are able to increase their social network domain. Apart from above, it is possible to generate alerts for complex internet multiuser games in an impeccable manner, allowing friends to have fun and frolic. To make the application more intuitive Android has introduced the concept of mapping, helping people to locate the invitees for a particular event. People might get baffled by the mention of the word “event”, however Spotvite is equipped with an inbuilt option for the users to create them from scratch. In present form the application targets area in and around San Francisco, but it is all set to expand in the near future.