Advent of winter wall papers is tremendous news for the Android users, who can install the applications on their cell phone to savor one of the most amazing results. A dazzling trail is left on the touch screen while operating the Android based application in an impeccable manner. Snowflakes are imbibed in the live wall papers application, which is ideal for smart phone consumers in the wake of approaching winter.

Awesome Features

Options such as Christmas induce an extra zing into the application in terms of features. One of the salient attributes, include the automatic change in the background of the application in synchronization with the time of the day. It would instill life in the android smart phone. The aforesaid software runs flawlessly on the Android version 2.1 and has created a huge fan following since its launch. Innovative users can deploy different features by modifying the color and texture of the falling snowflakes. Variable speed control present in the virtual space could prove to be a blessing in disguise for the diehard android fan, falling in love with the application.