Magnificent attributes of Verizon galaxy has catapulted it into the big league. It is loaded with plethora of features creating tremendous versatility in the process. Astounding capabilities of the phone is manifested in the form of 4.65 inch display screen creating humungous and impeccable resolution for the users. It lies in the range of 1080p and is a sheer delight to watch videos and movies based on the preferences of the users.

Great Features

Verizon nexus is considered to be the latest entrant into the Android stable with dazzling display of processor, producing enhanced output in the form of 1.2 GHz processor. Touch screen makes it ridiculously easy for the users to browse through the endless maze of files and folders in an impeccable manner. Similarly, the rear camera which is incorporated into the smart phone is a treat to operate because it is endowed with mind boggling resolution of 8 MP. Due to aforesaid attributes the above Verizon galaxy nexus running on Android is an exceptional case.