Uber cool features of the Alfred, an android based application, has successfully reinstated the smile back on the faces of users, who were looking for a well oiled search engine. In terms of efficiency it can beat its competitors hands down, because its versatile attributes captures imagination of potential users who are blown away by its user interface.

Power to Search

Driving on the power of Android 3.1 version, the application is a boon for the people who are using the Android gadget. As in the legendary Google Search Engine, Alfred creates a halo enabling users to search places of the choices on the smart phones. Tourists are overjoyed due to the arrival of the fabulous piece of innovation, allowing people to unearth restaurants in the neighborhood with variety of cuisines. Apart from above, information pertaining to the cost of the food menu can also be accessed from the Alfred application. Narrowing down the option could be achieved, to retrieve important data about a particular place by mentioning criteria as input.