The mobile phone arena is a hotly contested one at any time of the year, but even more so at Christmas as the big manufacturers compete with new models to try to tempt consumers to part with their pennies over the festive season. These products seem to be practically recession-proof, as even tighter budgets can’t dim the enthusiasm of the populace for the most cutting-edge mobile technology. Therefore, manufacturers need to keep innovating just to keep up with their competitors – all of which is great news for tech enthusiasts. One of the bigger companies, LG, launched its new 3D phone – the Optimus – in 2011 and will be hoping to lure people to join the 3D wave with it.

3D is certainly one of the big moves in the world of technology at the moment, having already swept across the movie world. Now mobile phone manufacturers are competing to try to secure the status of the ‘ultimate 3D phone’. This means the Optimus is competing against rivals such as the Galaxy 3D phone, from Samsung. So what does it offer? Well, it’s certainly not cheap and it’s not exactly small or light to carry either, but the big innovative selling point is that it represents the first 3D phone not to require glasses to use. Of course, innovative features mean little if the capacity to realise them without the quality of experience suffering, is not there; but the Optimus 3D provides an excellent 3D viewing experience in addition to Android software to satisfy tech fans. Furthermore the internet browsing experience is very good – rapid and reliable.

However, there are issues with the phone as well, which means that it is not entirely plain sailing. Although the Optimus 3D has a dual core processor, it can still be prone to slow performance and it the battery is also has a disappointingly short lifespan.

It may not have the flash of a handset like the Samsung Galaxy S2 but there’s plenty that the LG Optimus 3D has to offer. Check out the website for more details.