Boost mobile would be inundated with the speedy arrival of Android gadgets such as LG marquee and the Samsung Replenish.

LG Marquee

The former is an exquisitely styled smart phone mesmerizing people by its capabilities and design. In hindsight, the tool appears to be an epitome of style because it is super slim with 9.1 mm as the dimension and powered by the Android version 2.1. Loaded with WVGA screen, the gadget is known to attract people by its LCD attributes, delivering crystal clear picture at the door steps. Presence of the Nova panel could be the icing on the cake because watching videos and browsing files on the screen could be a visual delight. Apart from above 5 Mega pixels camera sets dizzying standards of quality, which is difficult to be emulated by the rivals.

Samsung Replenish

Samsung Replenish is another pearl in the oyster of Boost mobile offering amazing performance at effective price. Bifurcated into two sections representing the screen and keyboards respectively, the phone is known to pack a killer punch. Couple with the Android operating system and 2.0 megapixel camera, the gadget offers over the top experience for the users.