Launch of the Alpha Rom has been engineered by Android version 4.0, which is selling like a hot cake in the market. Sony Ericsson has released its own version in the form of Alpha to enhance the facilities of Android operating system in an impeccable manner.  There are different rules and guidelines which are to be followed, so that the aforesaid application could be used by the developers.


Advanced software professionals will get enormous leeway in developing third party applications, by deploying the software in awesome style. A prior knowledge about the ROM would help people to install it on the mobile phone, and use the facilities to the hilt. Latest Sony gadgets such as Experia S are perfectly compatible with the Alpha version of the software, unlike the predecessors which are suffering from the old issues of unrecognized partitions. Analyzing the features of the Android upgrade might be a dampener, but it incorporates new fonts apart from the dazzling theme called “holo”. Combined with the spectacular user interface pervasive in the browser, it opens plethora of opportunities to the users.