LG is doing a lot of experiments lately with their handset model designs. Their recent handset model Doubleplay is out for sale with T-mobile plans. Doubleplay has both QWERTY and touch interface in order to achieve better productivity and texting capability. Those who do a lot of text processing on their mobile phones or play a lot of games are going to love this handset design. It has decent hardware specs and enough features that can get your average tasks done without problem.

Doubleplay has an interesting design but compared Sony’s phone with similar design, It’s heavy and you’ll feel it when you lift it to perform certain tasks. It has two displays, front display and slide-out display both are touch screens. Doubleplay has four row QWERTY keypad and you’ll be able to access it with slideout, It shows you 4-row keyboard and display. Front Display is of 3.5” and slideout display is 2” and functions as an secondary display. You can quickly use email, browser and media player options using this slideout display. It is much handy and saves you time navigating for these options. It may not be useful for those who wish to use it for gaming or for photography features however but for texting and surfing this addition is very handy. It’ll take some time for you to get used to this type of design as it uses both touchdisplay and QWERTY in a design which is mostly made for the gamers.

Battery Life of Doubleplay is not much impressive. Like any other LG handset, It is average and you’ll notice that if you use it for more browsing and gaming. For casual usage, It may stand for a day and half but It’ll struggle to keep up more hours than that. I’ve tested many LG phones before and I can tell you confidently that this type of battery performance is common among all the LG handsets.

Doubleplay comes with an high power processor of speed 1ghz snapdragon, 512 MB RAM and 2GB internal storage. They don’t offer much of extended storage with purchase but you can extend it with the microSD card with upto 32GB. It runs on older version of android 2.3.4 and have LG’s own GUI and options but you do get to extend it with apps and games.

Performance wise there isn’t much doubleplay can offer if your usage has some serious needs. T-mobile does have Mobile Insurance Plan for this handset if contract is made for the extended period. The current offer from T-mobile for this handset is 99$, which is perfect for anyone who wish to use mid-range phone with such type of handset design.