Collaboration of Prada with LG has resulted in the amalgamation of technology that has seen the creation of smart phones in the market. The gadget which is called the LG 3.0 appears to be a fashion phone underscoring a strong style statement. There are different perspectives to the technological chivalry which is offer in the phone.

Great Features

Well endowed with a super strong processor, the gadget provides rock solid support to the amazing array of complex applications, waiting to be unleashed into the uber cool ambience of the smart phone. One of biggest winners is the design of the phone, which was meticulously planned by the technology and the fashion behemoths. Ultra slim thickness forces people to become awe struck with the style and grandeur on offer by the gadget, with all encompassing attributes. True multimedia experience of the phone could be relished by the usage of camera, exhibiting 8MP of images in style and elegance. Fabulous HD recording options are bundled with the phone to magnetize people with awesome qualitative force.