Latest android gadget Samsung Stratosphere has mesmerized people in a wonderful manner because of features that pack a killer punch in terms of appearance and performance. Samsung has released the smart phone which is designed in an awesome manner with black color and rounded contours.


Path breaking innovation in recent times has resulted in complete annihilation of keyboard in favor all encompassing touch screen. There is still a sizeable chunk of people, who are in immediate need of good old fashioned smart phone and the stratosphere series provides an awesome combination of aforesaid attributes. The Android smart phone is loaded with 4G connectivity and an improvised keyboard, facilitating users to enter data in a quick and efficient manner. Dazzling display of 4 inch LCD screen is a game changer and makes it ideal for formals as well as casual use. Astonishing appearance could transform it into a major gift for the business users, who are never tired of offering rave reviews about the gadget.  Usage of super efficient Verizon service could prove to be a huge incentive for the people, who would be more than happy to drive along the blazing fast network using the stratosphere device.