Usage of the 4G slide phone has increased in recent past because it is a wonderful gadget creating instant impression in the minds of the customers. With its breath taking style and uber cool elegance the 4G slide has garnered significant share of the market. Although the Android phone is awesome and enthralls users but there were some niggling irritants resulting in “not so” good user experience.

Android Update Rectifying the Drawbacks

To rectify the aforesaid issues, Android update is launched that tend to correct the anomalies in a spectacular manner. Wi-Fi was one of the most important components that adorned the Android gadget 4G. Latest update has resulted in the amplification of voice signals in an effective style, allowing users to connect to their friends even in inhospitable locations. Similarly Net fix application on the smart phone has undergone radical transformation, enticing users with new visual treat. Users looking for the phenomenal upgrade package could log onto the HTC website to download the requisite software application.