Android technologists have created a furor in the market by developing a conceptual gadget based on the super hot 3D concepts. The venture is promoted in collaboration with the mighty research and development department of Google. The product is said to the hit the market in 2012, but people are said to be bubbling with expectations about its impending arrival.

A Sci-FI Device

According to the experts, the Android device would be exquisitely styled in the form of a Sci-Fi helmet with enormous features, which would tr5ansform the lives of people. Full 3D capability of the screen embedded in the helmet, will make the operations ridiculously easy to perform. Hardcore gamers would be overblown by the feature, because it will offer them a superb 3D environment to quench their thirst for gaming. 3D smartgoogles will be the pioneer in the wearable technology, which is already experiencing the inundation of many companies in recent past. The Android gadget would also incorporate a stupendous motion sensor, enabling users to participate and view the applications in an omnipresent style.