Amalgamation of technology has led to the birth of Dell, famous for designing eye catchy products for the users. Evolution of the steak tablet has evoked huge response from the users who are overawed by the amazing Android gadget.

New Generation tab

There are different types of operating systems working in tandem to provide awesome results to the users. Android is streets ahead of them which is manifested in the form of Dell streak, providing range of options to the users in the form of Gingerbread and advanced processor. Due to aforesaid qualities it is quite easy for people to download and install galaxy of widget in hassle free manner. Dell has drastically reduced its cost and the current prices are in the vicinity of 100 pounds in U.K. Usage of Gorilla glasses has transformed the smart tablet into a durable monster which is bound to last longer. According to the experts, it is a fabulous gadget, extremely compatible with new generation technologies like 4G.