Usage of Kindle fire has created enormous incentives for the users who are absolutely bowled over by its features. Growing competition from other aspirants has forced Amazon to update the Android system with the version 6.2.1. It would provide impeccable benefits to the users in a superlative style.

About the Update

Rooting kindle fire has enhanced the capabilities of smart phones. Accomplishing the aforesaid task would transform the functionalities in an amazing manner. It will enhance the browsing speed and create root folder on the smart phone. Update is absolutely free and could be instantly downloaded on to the local system in a hassle free manner. Cache memory which slows down the memory significantly could be transferred to the secondary storage for increasing the browsing speed to astronomical limits. Deploying the themes on the smart phone could be a breeze because rooting process provides exemplary control over the functionalities of the android gadget.  Customizing the application is an easy job with 6.2.1 update allowing users to filter software without any hiccups.