Arrival of the Superfone A75 in telecommunication market has revitalized the users in a wonderful manner. With the power of Android Gingerbread version, the superfone is bound to capture eye balls so that people are mesmerized by the capabilities. It is a well known fact that A 75 is blessed with a screen dimension of 3.75 inches and would go a long way in providing impeccable performance.

Hardware and Software Specifications

Memory storage capacity of 32 GB provides awesome performance because people can store range of data on the smart phone. RAM of 256 MB is able to store information and provides it to the users according to their requirements and specifications. USB compatibility allows users to download information without any hiccups. With a camera of 3 MP, people are able to take photos of distant objects due to the inbuilt facility for zooming. There are two cameras in the smart phone covering the front and rear view.  Components located at the front display a resolution of 2048*1536 pixels, offering applications with astounding graphics.