Advent of the FTV gadget has set the pulse racing because it is a mish mash of technology and style, all rolled into one. Called as the ZTE blade the gadget is outrageously glitzy and glamorous.  Software packages bundled along with the phone are a treat to handle because they are sophisticated and can provide variety of options to the users.

Applications and Other Features

Entertainment applications are provided along with the AMOLED screen in an indomitable style. Size of the screen is 3.5 inches and creates a unique combination of resolution which creates an ever lasting impression on the users. Powered by the 600MHz processor, the phone is bound to capture eye balls because it is the catalyst to speed up the efficiency of applications in a powerful and effective manner. Using the 512 MB RAM is a revelation due to the tremendous bandwidth it provides for high speed data transfer in a perfect style. Similarly, over the top features of the Android 2.2 could provide awesome results to the users.