Technological innovation has compelled Huawei to design a fabulous smart phone which is the reservoir of attributes, creating huge impression on the users. Presence of an astonishing screen with 3.5 inches dimension enables the people to use touch technology to enter data without any hiccups. Android Gingerbread 2.3 provides an amazing graphics theme for the users; so that they are able to manage the third party applications in an amazing style.

Menu, Cam and Other Specifications

Menu controls are visually appealing to the eyes which ensure that the users are able to access the functionalities in a perfect manner.  Usage of the 5 megapixels camera provides a rare opportunity to people to capture the snaps and create an instant impact on the users. Front view camera is also on the offer and touted as the most important component to perform video calls. Usage of micro SD cards would go a long way in delivering impeccable performance because it provides an extended compatibility of 32 GB memory. Amazing high frequency of 650 MHz could open new vistas of opportunities for the users to download variety of android applications.