Scintillating design and robustness has transformed Galaxy nexus into an awesome gadget, capturing imagination of people in an impeccable manner. The infusion of the MIUI ROM is an icing on the cake because it helps to provide comprehensive information about the phone in an impeccable manner. There are varieties of options available which could be used for phones working on the GSM as well as CDMA technology.

Increased Power

Equipped with Alpha 2 version, people would obtain detailed data about the smart phone. A novice might get introduced to the configuration of processor along with the RAM. According to the experts, it is mandatory to download support applications providing virtual accessories to the users, so that they can accomplish the task in an effective manner. Working in conjugation with Android 4.0.3, the software is bound to enhance the performance of the phone by few notches. Wi-Fi facility is an eye opener for people because it is effectively handled by the seamless integration of the MIUI ROM exerting a calming influence.