Evolution of the Android gadget has left the customers bewildered, because they are taken aback by the arrival of Trebuchet application, which would go a long way in making lives easy for the people. Virtual launcher provided on the Android gadget is an eye opener for people because it enthralls them with enriching visual themes.

Data and Info Hub

Trebuchet provides comprehensive latest information about the updates and is a reservoir of data catering to large number of users.  Different attributes that could be customized according to the specifications of the user are eye openers because they would use various screen as per their preferences. A wonderful search bar is provided to the potential customers, who can browse for important data in an effective style. It is a tedious task to install trebuchet over the mesmerizing environment of Android 4.0.3. There are different perspectives which one needs to take care of, before proceeding ahead with the aforesaid process. Following the command line instruction would provide amazing performance, however it is mandatory to perform the rooting of the device.