It is a well known fact that Dell is an epitome of quality, setting its own benchmarks in the telecommunications sphere. The Android phone, designed by the company has captured the attention of people and provides visually rich experience to them. Driven by the versatility of Android 2.2, it is a sheer delight for potential customers in terms of styling and elegance. The amazing gem is available in variety of colors inspiring awe from a large number of users.

US Defense Department’s Official Phone Now

The federal authorities in the U.S have turned towards the immensely powerful capabilities of the Dell phone in recent times. With a huge screen of 3.7 inches, which effectively uses the touch AMOLED technology, the gadget has won rave review from the thousands of the customers who purchased it in huge numbers. Coupled with 8GB secondary storage, it offers humungous space to the customers, so that they could store audio and video content in an amazing style.