Arrival of the Samsung galaxy note has created ripples in the market space because it is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary style. There are different specifications which provide amazing results to the users. Touch screen of 5.3 inches would go a long way in offering awesome results to the users.

Hardware Specifications

Amazing hardware of the galaxy note is powered by Android 2.3 version, which would help to manage the functionalities without any hiccups. Similarly the processor with 1.4 GHz will provide an ideal platform to support complex applications, and would go a long way in delivering impeccable performance. Astounding configuration of 8MP camera will create amazing images with powerful resolution.  Usage of the 4G connection is instrumental in delivering crystal clear voice and audio signals without any problem. Camera at the front is equipped with 2MP allowing people to communicate with their friends, through video calls in an effective manner. Galaxy note impresses people with its specifications and exquisite style.