It is a well known fact that HTC is an epitome of innovation and is known for its outstanding products among maze of competitors. Flyer is an interesting piece of hardware which uses the configuration of Android 3.0 and would go a long way in delivering perfect results. One of the best attributes is the 7 inch screen with its unconventional looks, and creating an instant impression on a huge section of population.  Presence of Magic pen has revolutionized data entry in a spectacular manner.

Internal Configuration

Flyer from HTC is known to garnet major share of the market with it simple design and perfect functionalities.  Innovation in hardware is responsible for tremendous change in performance which is manifested in the form of single core processor with 1GHz speed. An awesome configuration of 1GB RAM plays a crucial role in support applications with high end graphics. Positioning of the camera in the frontal position is signified by 1.3 MP, considered to be an indispensable tool for performing video calls in an amazing style.