Android users could use Google’s specifically designed search engine to search for Android apps.  But this search engine is considered an ordinary one with a few flaws.  Now the android users have a better option, you guys can use Appgravity, the new search engine for users to search for the android apps. This is much faster and easy to use for android users.

Appgravity features

  • Search apps with keywords or names
  • Filter results by category
  • List results in the order of age, relevance, rating and number of downloads
  • Find the app and download or Purchase it with the press of a button which directly takes you to the download or purchase (for paid apps) link
  • Cleaner interface
  • Very useful updates under development

A lot of updates for Appgravity are in the making like price comparison of different apps. Appgravity is becoming more popular and it is rumored that Appgravity would come pre installed in future Android devices.