Aesthetic design of the HTC explorer is a revelation for majority of users because the gadget is well supported by the Android 3.0 version and is immensely capable to deliver the goods in an impeccable style. TFT screen of 3.2 inches offers a unique appearance to the smart phone along with the touch screen capability.

Sleek and Stylish

Super slick styling along with negligible thickness has transformed the product into a pocket dynamo, using the immense power of the hardware at its disposal.  3G connectivity is absolutely crucial in modern era because it allows the users to transfer audio and video data without interruption. Similarly Wi-Fi connectivity would convert the system into a hub, which connects multiple devices to the internet super highway. Presence of 1 GHz processor along with FM radio is a reminder to the versatile capabilities of the smart phone. SD card, a crucial lynchpin of the memory is said to be the catalyst in storing large amount of data without any hiccups.