It is a well known fact that entire gamut of tablets in the market provide amazing features, however Nook Color is in a class of its own. Designed in a sturdy and durable style, the gadget is able to withstand rough usage.

Processor and OS

Analyzing the processor under the hood, one can find the mesmerizing presence of 1GHz configuration which is capable enough to deliver awesome performance. People can easily download internet applications on the gadget powered by the Android 2.2 and use them according to their requirements and specifications.

Storage and Apps

Secondary storage device of 8GB is a boon for the people because they can quickly and easily store audio  video contents in an easy and hassle free manner. Apart from other applications, the tablet is perfectly suitable to deploy 3D games and enjoy the experience. 10 inch LCD display along with the touch screen capabilities are the two ingredients allowing the device to surge ahead of the pack.