It is a well known fact that Android smart phones have garnered a major share of the market in recent times, because of amazing user interface and awesome performance. In previous versions of the Android, it was a tedious task to connect to the contacts in smart phones which resulted in huge latency times.

Integrating Great Features

Often the aforesaid delay lead to poor user experience and the user looked for solution, so that they could instantly obtain information in a wonderful and impeccable manner.  Launch X pro has addressed the issue in a wonderful and amazing style, to ensure that people are able to find the desired profile with minimum number of taps.  The widget is very easy to install on the smart phone gadget in an amazing manner. It incorporates various other features such as the addition of applications to accomplish the desired task. People using a certain type of application frequently, could use the drag and drop feature to install it into the widget, so that it could be invoked depending on the requirements and specifications of the user.