The arrival of Ericsson HD has transformed the competition because it is the source of wonderful features mesmerizing people to a great extent. Resolution offered by the gadget is in the vicinity of 720MP and provides impeccable options to the users.

Hardware configuration

Hardware configuration is outstanding, which is manifested in the form of 4.3 inch screen creating a huge fan following in the process.  Camera installed on the gadget is equipped with 5MP resolution and is perfectly suitable for capturing snaps of natural surroundings in an impeccable style. There are different types of attributes incorporated in the device, which have increased its popularity manifold. It is a well known fact that 1.5 GHz of processor has proved to be one of the most important components, which helps in seamless functioning of the gadget. 1GB RAM can prove to be a shot in the arm for the users, who can easily execute the internet applications without any hiccups on the device. Using the Android 2.3 version, the gadget is bound to accomplish stellar objectives in near future.