Launch of the transformer tablet has captured imagination of people in a wonderful manner because of its immense capabilities attracting large section of population. It provided wonderful performance, but there were minor hiccups which interfered in delivering impeccable functionalities. Improving the configuration of the camera is one of the most important steps, which could be realized with the help of the aforesaid software update.

Regarding Update

It would also allow the user to incorporate features in the GPS application installed on the smart phone. In past, when the device was launched, the above mentioned software did not work according to the requirements and specifications of the users. Arrival of the update has changed the technological landscape because it has resulted in seamless operation without impediments. After the installation, touch screen technology has undergone scintillating transformation with improved functionalities and throughput. It is advised that the update should be downloaded regularly, so that they are able to qualitatively transform the smart phone.