Ever since Android started gaining prominence, there has been lots of targeted patent attacks on Android smartphone makers and Google. Of  all these patent battles the Oracle vs Google lawsuit has been considered a serious battle as it is an attack directly on Android. Google has been working hard  to protect the Android community from  all such attacks. Of all such efforts Google’s acquisition of Motorola to  bolster its patent Arsenal was a clear indication that Google is really serious about keeping Android free and open. Google is also constantly buying patents from  IBM and others to fend off any threat to Android.

The latest news from the law suit happening between Google and  Oracle is that Oracle is losing its ground on key fronts. Oracle had accused Google of Copyright infringement and Patent infringement. Oracle acquired Sun  Microsystems which owned all the intellectual properties related to Java which is a key part of the Android framework in 2010.  Oracle has also accused Google of fragmenting Java, by breaking its ‘Write  Once, run anywhere‘ promise which was the key for its large developer base. Oracles claims in damages from Google has been sliding ever since the  law suit started. Oracle’s claims started off with $6.1 billion, then was  lowered to $2.6 billion and was recently at $1.16 billion. During this suit  Google had asked the US Patent and Trademark Office to validate few of the  patents that Oracle accused Google of infringment. Last month the USPTO  invalidated one of the key patents in this investigation delivering a  serious blow to Oracles claims. It’s likely that Oracle claim of $1.16  billion is going to come down.

Though Google is not expected to walk clear of this lawsuit, the money it will have to pay Oracle will not be a big concern for the search giant.  Any outcome from this lawsuit is not expected until middle of this year,  but it is likely that Google will pay off any damages if any in an single settlement and will keep Android open, free and rocking.