Style and substance are the hallmarks of modern women, who are flabbergasted by the plethora of options available to them in the technology sector. Tab Top is one of the pioneer products in technology sector mesmerizing women with amazing results.


It is driven by Android 2.3.7 operating system and is bound to attract attention in more than one way. Entire gamut of applications is loaded on to the smart phone to entice users in an exemplary manner. Due to the usage of composites, the company has managed to decrease the overall weight of the gadget in an impeccable style.

An amazing 7 inch of touch screen has successfully attracted users, who can deploy it to enter data in the system without any hiccups. Similarly, the resolution is an eye opener which is in the vicinity of 1280*748 pixels and offers exemplary quality to the users. Compatibility with other device is exhibited by the presence of USB 2.0 port, offering astounding speed to the customers.  A humungous 8GB of configuration is able to solve the majority of woes of the customers, so that they are able to enjoy innumerable audio and video content.