Pre launch pictures of the Sony Ericsson MT27i reveal inner details of the smart phone which is considered to be the successor of Xperia Neo V. According to the sources, dual core processor of 1 GHz configuration powers the hardware of the gadget coupled with the Nov Thor chipset which has a brilliant design.

Smartphone Specifications

3.7 inch touch screen with resolution of 480*854 provides images of the application with absolute clarity. As the rumors suggest, the gadget is equipped with 5MP camera fully capable of capturing videos with 720p resolution.  Apart from the above, camera in the front is provided to the users along with LED flash and is fully capable of initiating video calls.  Presence of buttons like home and menu offer easy user interface to the users. From the picture it can be deduced that the Smartphone is sleekly styled and is light weight, in spite of the loads of features it posses. The gadget is equipped with the Android Version 4.0 which is powering majority of the phones.