Arrival of the Motorola droid XYBOARD 8.2 has impressed the users because it provides 10.1 inch touch screen to the users.  The power of IPS display along with the 1280*800 resolution will go a long way in providing maximum benefits to the users. LTE version combined with 4G version provides seamless connectivity to the users.

Processor and Other Specifications

Usage of the 1.2 GHz processor from the OMAP dual core configuration offers sufficient bandwidth to the users. Presence of 1GB of RAM combined with the camera at the rear which displays 5 mega pixels of configuration would help the users to capture videos and run applications quite effectively.  HDMI specifications with 1.4 version protocol and an amazing Bluetooth 2.1 facility are sufficient to make the gadget more versatile. It is powered by Android 3.2 operating system, which is all set to make future updates. Technological innovation has been incorporated into the style of the gadget, considered to be only 8.9 mm in thickness. Purchase price at 379$ ensures that it is one of the best gadget in its category.