One of the biggest attributes of Samsung exhilarate is its environment friendliness because the gadget comprises of recyclable materials.  According to the experts, it has received platinum certificate from the UL environment authorities.


Looking at the specifications, one could find the 4 inch touch screen, running on AMOLED technology and is loaded with camera on its flip side. Configuration of the component is 8 mega pixels, which makes it an ideal candidate for taking photographs and creating videos.  Apart from above attributes, voice recognition facility is imbibed into the device, enabling the users to dial the numbers, without using the key board or touch screen facility.  Besides, other features include the accessibility to U verse live television, which broadcasts different programs to the users. A catchy price of 50$ would ensure that the budgeted customer would buy exhilarate in huge numbers. In terms of software, the device will be driven by the ice cream sandwich version of Android operating system.