If you have a smartphone, you don’t actually need a wallet, to pay for something like bills in a restaurant. Square card case is the application which efficiently and effectively replaces your wallet. Reportedly, the Square card case has been made available for Android users, now that it appeared in Android market store.

The v1.1 Square card case app can be downloaded from the Android market. The v1.1 Square card case also has some improved features. The Square card case original version is already very useful. With the improved features, things are going to get a lot easier.

Improvements in the new version of Square card case in Android

  • Integrated with Twitter
  • Improved directory
  • Move and delete cards from within the app

The Square card case basically lets the users browse through the menus in restaurants, and keep digital receipts. If the merchants support it, users of this app will also be able to pay the bills just by saying their name.


Get Square Card case from Android Market