Advent of the LG viper smart phone is crucial for the users who are looking for innovative attributes. 4 inch touch screen with WVGA display is deployed to manage critical operations of the gadget in an impeccable manner. People, who are not comfortable with keyboard, could use the tap screen to browse critical files and search through virtual contact books. Android 2.3 along with the ginger bread version is used to provide amazing themes to the users.

Processor and Other Specifications

Usage of the 1.2 GHz dual core processor enhances the computational power of the smart phone, which could run numerous widget and applications in an impeccable manner. Usage of the 512 MB RAM is enough to provide sufficient data bandwidth in an impeccable manner.  Similarly 4 G network compatibility is deployed to transfer large amount of data including the audio and video content. Business professionals would use the LG viper gadget to operate numerous business applications. 1700mAh battery is sufficient to provide enough stand by time to the users to manage the smart phone effectively.