The basic tenets of any Google Android phone is the fact that they are most open source and easily adaptable towards any change that the users demands. The features in android phones can be easily changed towards the specific requirements and needs of the users while many users throughout the world are switching from IPhones to Android ones. In this review we will practically teach you how to effectively switch through the latter mentioned platform and most importantly migrate contact info from an IPhone to an Android one.

  1. The first thing an android user needs to do is to create a Gmail account before buying this phone, every android device by default syncs with a Gmail account and hence the contacts can be flipped back and forth.
  2. Firstly go into an Apple IPhone and open the iTunes application.
  3. In the info tabs sync all your contacts with the Google account which you have created in the first step.
  4. When this is done you can get rid of the IPhone ASAP and switch to an android device.
  5. Sync back all your contacts with Google Android as auto syncing is default with Gmail accounts with any android phone.
  6. Walla! Congratulations you are up and running your new Android device and have made a successfully swap fromĀ  one IPhone to an Android.