Launch of Toshiba Excite X 10.1 tablet has captured eye balls in the telecommunication market because it is exquisitely styled and is coupled with the OMAP dual core processor with 1.2 GHz processor. Similarly the presence of 10.1 inch screen provides amazing benefits to the users because they can deploy touch screen to invoke applications of their choice.

OS and Other Features

Android version 3.2 honeycomb provides necessary platform to the software and other widgets to provide desired results to the users. 5.2 megapixels of camera is provided to the users, so that they can capture snaps without any hiccups.  Frontal camera of 2 mega pixels is sufficient to initiate video calls in an amazing manner. Apart from above, LTE connectivity is incorporated into the gadget allowing the users to connect to the internet. A huge memory of 16 GB is sufficient to store the audio video content on the gadget and allow people to download their favorite movies at blazing fast speed.