Installing android on an IPhone 4 may be quite challenging, as the task is daunting enough to even get a good, healthy programmer scratch his/her head but if you practically do the task with care and precision, it quite possible to achieve an IPhone 4 with an android operating system. There are three steps required to successfully convert your IPhone 4 to an Android operating system and they are

  1. 1. Jailbreak the IOS in your IPhone
  2. 2. Install a customized boot up application
  3. 3. Root your Android OS for full functionality

Jail Breaking the IOS

The initial step required is firstly to jailbreak your IPhone 4, jail-breaking does not account for unlocking a phone; through jail-breaking you can install third party applications to you IPhone  while unlocking only enables you to change your IPhone carrier and unlocking an IPhone can only be unlocked once it has been jail broken. Benefits of jail breaking include

(a)     Jail breaking enables a person to use their IPhone for wireless fidelity hotspots and also to be used for as live video recording device.

(b)   Install open source application.

(c)    Customize the desktop theme and other default features.

(d)   It also enables a person to install boot up applications which would then potentially enable the user a choice of either booting up in the Android OS or the IOS.

(e)    Prominent Jail breaking software include iJailbreak tool, Jailbreak unlock and Automatics IPhone unlocker but I personally would recommend iJailbreak tool as it is very user friendly and has a neat UI.

The Transitional Period

The transitional period includes installing a boot up application software that potentially is used to choose between the IOS and Android OS. The most prominent application for this is Boot lace.

(a)    Boot lace provides full functionality of controlling the aspects of what to potentially install in the Android OS

(b)   The Android OS file may be in the form of a zip archived nature and once run through the boot lace scramble feature your IPhone would probably be enabled in for Android OS application.

(c)    The most fundamental step includes rebooting the phone into recovery and installing the appropriate zip files from the green paneled console.

(d)   The next reboot will take a lot of time but once this is done your IPhone would establish a dual natured functionality of an Android OS as well as a IOS

Running and Rooting the Android OS

After installing the android OS from bootlace every time your phone boots up the phone would ask whether to run in Android OS or IOS and if you select the Android OS feature then most probably a fresh install would generally be glitch. To counteract this problem all a user need to do is root his OS in the android feature

(a)    Z root is one of the most efficient rooting software and hence very handy tool

(b)   Without rooting the Android OS you IPhone would generally encounter force close issues or at worse heat up and malfunction.

(c)    The phone would use a lot of memory due to incompatibility with the hardware and slow down all other processes.