Designed in different colors, the OLPC XO 3.0 tablet has bought computational capacity to the doorsteps of the children. Powered by the amazing and funky style, the tablet is able to attract majority of users in an impeccable manner. It is equipped with a processor which has 800MHz clock speed and would be able to successfully handle the applications downloaded from the internet.

Display and Other Specifications

Coupled with Pixel Qi display, the screen is able to project an impeccable resolution to the users and provides them unique opportunity to execute widgets. Internal storage is signified by the presence of 4GB capacity sufficient to store large amount of data without any hiccups.  Powered by Android Gingerbread version, the tablet is loaded with 1500mAh battery which offers a huge standby time to the users. Attractive prices of $100 would go a long way in making them popular to the users. Children can browse the files and folders and browse internet according to the requirements and specifications.