Android phones being self-intelligent devices take up a lot of battery and charge to run on a day to day basis and if not catered with care and efficiency the user may encounter problems with phones losing their charge rather quickly and hence not making up to a capable smart phone. One of the other hand issues of force close is also eminent with a lot increasing battery usage, while longer processing in an android smart phone causes extensive memory usage and hence many people have force close malfunction.

One of the most initial things a person can do is use the power widget which potentially helps in controlling the flow of power usage inside an android phone itself. There are quite a few methods to get this done but since I am presuming that the reader is a relatively new android user I would tell the easiest of ways to do so.

  1. Open you android phone to a clear desktop screen with no icons of any applications or widgets
  2. Tap and keep pressing the screen until a drop down menu does not pop up. (This usually happens if the screen is held being pressed for 3 seconds or more)
  3. Tap the widgets icon, 2nd from the top of the menu
  4. Scroll down in the next opened menu until you come across power options
  5. Tap the options icon to access the widget on your screen
  6. A bar with tap on buttons would potentially be enabled on your screen with options ranging from  enabling and disabling Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB support and one any other feature that sucks up charge of an android phone
  7. With this widget you can practically switch on and off any of the mentioned functionalities of the phone so that it does not juice up the android charge within a few hours.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are the main reasons that a phone uses up most of its charging and the battery gets over within 24 hours, so if you are a new android user and are looking a way to find a battery saving solution close up these mentioned capabilities if you are not using them at the moment, while when you would want to reuse them just enable them from the Power widget.

Another aspect of the android phones that potentially eats up a smart phones charge is its brightness factor. If you are an efficient android user then you must clearly want to put your brightness factor a bit low as brightness in an android phone is practically the sole reason people often have the battery issue. To counteract such a problem all a user need to do is get into the settings by tapping the on screen menu button and scrolling down to settings. Once inside the settings panel, go into the display option and adjust the system/screen brightness to you desired category. Once this is done the android phone usually takes up to around ¼ of the battery usage it previously did. Closing unnecessary task also helps in attaining less battery usage.