The Lenovo K800 is based on new Z2460 Atom Processor and it is bundled with Power VR SGX50 Imagination Technologies graphics. The 32nm single core atom processor supports hyper-threading and is enabled at 1.6 GHz. Z2460 Atom Processor comprises of a HSPA 6540 Intel modem and its reference design is based on Android 2.3 version.

Multimedia Support

Techno-crates will be getting access to 40 hours of music, 6 hours of non-stop video playback and 10 days of standby time for charging your android device. This device features marvelous 720p 4.5 display screen and has got 8 mega-pixel front-facing shooter camera that is capable of recording videos at 1080p. The gallery applications and custom media will offer you a unique experience that stack music, videos and pictures into various piles for custom organization and easy sorting. The distinctive features of this Lenovo K800 are Z2460 Atom Processor that keeps the device running smoothly and it is not optimized for dual-core processors.